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Port Grimaud, the sea, charm and security

Built on the water, the “lagoon city” of Port Grimaud is a unique maritime village offering charming properties in marina style. Designed by visionary architect François Spoerry in the 1960’s, it nestles in the Gulf of...[mehr]


Das kleine Venedig: 5 gute Gründe, in Port Grimaud zu investieren

Port Grimaud ist ein wahres maritimes Dorf mit Geschäften und Restaurants die alle entweder durch Land oder Wasser erreichbar sind. Poetisch genannt Ostale, Balandrine oder Cassine, Häuser werden im Durchschnitt zwischen...[mehr]


Eröffnung eine 2. NEW PLACE Immobilien Agentur

Port Grimaud Süd - 30 Place François Spoerry[mehr]


Cannes Yachting Festival 2018

Save the date and meet us to give a home to your boat [mehr]


Agency fees : myth and reality

What we called « agency fee » is the real estate agency salary owned for its work and services when it is mandated by a private individual to sale his property. [mehr]


5 reasons to trust a real estate agency to sell your property

You are thinking of selling your property and you are asking yourself if a real estate professional can help you. Thanks to the local market knowledge and regulations of the real estate agent, you can sale your property serenely...[mehr]


Pinel’s law renewal in 2018

Some adjustments are made to the measures, without reassessing the advantages for the taxpayer. The aim of the government is to make the measures more efficient than what it is today. [mehr]

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